Things to do

Canoe Tour:

Village Tour: One of the best ways to understand the heart of Munroe Island is to walk through the countryside lanes. Meet the locals, talk to them. Almost everyone in the island is very friendly and welcoming people. Or you can get active on two wheels with bicycles. If you are too lazy for walk and cycling, hire a tuk-tuk(Auto rickshaw) to go around the village.

Munroe Mocktail: This is a must visit place for everyone who travels to Munroe Island. Mr Vinod the owner with the magical hands creates phenomenal drinks with his amazing skills. It’s a treat to just watch him making the famous Munroe Mocktails.  Available in different variety of flavors.  Well, the shop does not have a name board but I bet you will somehow find it!!!

Indo-Dutch Church: 

Motor Boat:


Visit temples: